India (Liguori)

India (Liguori)

C. Ss. R. Provincial House, Liguori Bhavan, Marottichode P.B. No. 4, Mattoor, Kalady – 683 574, Kerala, India

During the 8th Bangalore Provincial Chapter on the 24th of June 1990, a major statement was declared, that “The Chapter favours the establishment of a Syro-Malabar Unit and proposes that a study be made within the next six months to suggest the concrete steps to be taken in this regard.” The chapter’s direction was taken up with great zeal with the formation of the Region of Alwaye, which led to the creation of the Vice-Province of Alwaye and culminated in the creation of the Liguori Province.

Apostolic Priorities of the Province are:

Proclamation, Initial and Ongoing Formation, Parish Ministry, Youth and Vocation Ministry, Shrine Ministry, Spiritual Direction and Counselling Ministry, Media Ministry, Family Apostolate, Teaching Ministry, Collaboration and Solidarity with other Units, Social Apostolates, Ministry among the People of Other Faith

Gripped by the love of the Redeemer, rooted in the apostolic zeal of St. Thomas, and the missionary spirit of St. Alphonsus, the members of the Liguori Province are committed to form apostolic communities so as to preach the Gospel ever anew to all, especially to the poor and the most abandoned, that they may all experience plentiful redemption.

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