Sri Lanka (Colombo)

Sri Lanka (Colombo)

St. Theresa’s Church,
364, Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 5
Sri Lanka
011 2 583425

In 1938, Fr. Hugo Kerr CSsR, the Irish Redemptorist Provincial sought the approval of the Superior General in Rome to explore the possibilities of a missionary foundation in Sri Lanka. Within 12 months the three pioneer Irish missionaries, Fr. Matthew Hickey, Fr. Gerry McDonell and Fr. Leo O’Halloran arrived in Kandy.

The missionaries learnt to speak Sinhala and Tamil, absorbing local culture, and realising that God was present there long before they arrived.

An honour was bestowed upon the congregation when they were offered the parish of St. Theresa in 1963. This parish has become an important station for mission and community.

Redemptorist missionaries across the world are engaged in many apostolates and ministries; serving a wide range of needs. In each of these missionary works, Redemptorists live out their call to evangelise the world; with special care and concern for the poor and most abandoned.

In Sri Lanka Redemptorists have prioritised:

  • Preaching Parish Missions and Church Feasts
  • Parish & Shrine Ministry
  • Retreats and Counselling
  • Education and Faith formation
  • Ministries to the poor and social outreach
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