Samoa (Oceania)

Samoa (Oceania)

St. Peter and Paul Saleaaumua Church - Saleaaumua Aleipata Samoa

In December 1972, the first Redemptorists from New Zealand arrived on the island of Savai’i. What they quickly came to realise was the island was teeming with faith and religious expression. These Redemptorists took great joy in sharing in the lives of the people of Samoa and celebrating Mass with their community. Unfortunately, due to the demands of the pastoral needs in New Zealand, the Redemptorists decided they could no longer sustain the Samoa mission. The last Redemptorists left Samoa in 1987 with a dream that they would one day return.

Since then, the Redemptorist region of New Zealand and the Redemptorist Province of Indonesia started a collaboration as a following-up of the spirit of restructuration, the possibility was seen that the dream of going back to Samoa could come to fruition.

On May 1st 2013, two Indonesian priests, Fr Oche Matutina and Fr Mans Wenge were sent to Samoa. Seventh months later in November 2013, they were joined by Fr Leo Ugapo, a Samoan Redemptorist under the region of New Zealand. Since then, The Redemptorit Samoa Mission Community was established.

The Redemptorist Samoa Mission were given three parishes in the district of Aleipata by the Archbishop of Samoa, Mgr Alapati Lui Mataeliga, the parish of St Maria Guadalupe – Tiavea, St Michael – Amaile and St. Peter and Paul – Saleaumua.

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